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Posted by antiintellect on January 9, 2013

What history has shown me is that people rarely embrace someone else’s god(s) without being forced to. People usually stick to their own. If enslaved Africans hadn’t been threatened with violence, rape, and death they likely wouldn’t have embraced White Jesus. Just doesn’t happen.

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  1. Ethiopia would rather prove that statement wrong.

    Though by and large I agree with it, and certainly not limited to only Africans or Christianity, there are many cases of peaceful transitions in religions of entire regions for various reasons. The King converted and declares his Kingdom a Christian nation (Ethiopia, 341 AD).

    Other reasons were possibly for trade, political alliance, or through missionaries. It’s why some religions have such a wide variety of practices across cultures because rarely did the converting masses entirely give up their existing beliefs and practices.

    Yes, many times religion was spread by the sword. It doesn’t mean no one ever embraced another religion willingly.

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