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Posted by antiintellect on January 9, 2013

If I never have to hear another person justifying shaming someone else for their name because “Your resume is gonna get thrown out.” What a fucking classist and elitist assumption to think that something as middle class and pedestrian as a resume should determine a name. All these unique names on doctor’s offices and law offices, and you want me to have contempt for the ways certain Black people name kids?

I have never heard of a racist person not being racist towards Blacks because we were named Luke rather than Ja’ Davian, Lisa rather than Laquasia. Hell, slave owners gave us “appropriately White names” and still treated us like farm animals, still seen us as less than them. You think racism gives a fuck about our names?

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One Response to “NAMES & RACISM”

  1. Wow. Well said. I need to keep this post in my response-amo, to people’s judgement and classism over names.

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