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Posted by antiintellect on January 9, 2013

Different things motivate different people to start critically analyzing the concept of god: religious racism, religious sexism, religious homophobia, or perhaps religious disdain for scientific inquiry. What brings one to atheism can vary wildly.

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One Response to “MOTIVATION”

  1. Jay said

    Hey Anti-Intellect. While this is definitely true, I think you’ve forgotten that racism, sexism, homophobia and scientific inquiry are all institutionalized constructions of the modern religious apparatus; All people involved in the religiosity are not racist, sexist, homophobic or disdainful of scientific inquiry. ‘god’ is not religion; in fact the concept of a god isn’t involved in all religious practices. You constantly accuse other people of over-generalizing statements and then proceed to do similarly with a converse lens. I think perhaps your homogenizing of religious people may be to tensions you have with certain religious, but please do remember that not all ‘religious’ people are the same. Peace and Love man!

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