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Posted by antiintellect on June 22, 2010

Sherri Shepherd has never never been the brightest crayon in the tool box. If she isn’t maintaining that the earth is flat, she’s insisting some other asinine belief that isn’t backed up by anything other than her ability to believe it. I wasn’t going to tune into The View today because I honestly can’t stomach the show when Whoopi isn’t there, but I decided to tune in for whatever reason, and I was royally disappointed, even disgusted.

Today’s show featured comedian DL Hughely and Thomas Roberts who joined the women to chime in on different topics. Somewhere along the line the topic of HIV/AIDS rates came up and the conversation took an intellectual nose dive. DL Hughely chimed in that he thinks that men who give women HIV should be jailed as he likened the act to committing murder. He also took offense to the notion that anyone would paint HIV/AIDS as a completely black disease and that just because rates were high among blacks thats no reason to demonize them because of it. He seemingly took no issue with the historical marginalization of gay men and the disease, but he was real upset about it happening to blacks.

Sherri Shepherd then began to perpetuate the media narrative of the helpless black woman totally incapable of defending herself from HIV/AIDS. Thomas Roberts to his credit tried to bring the focus back to people taking responsibility for their own sexual health but Sherri wasn’t having it. She said that HIV rates were higher among gays to which Thomas corrected her saying that infection rates were in fact highest among black women. And then Sherri went in for the ignorant win. There was a little trepidation in her voice like maybe I shouldn’t say this, but she forged right ahead with her ignorance and never looked back.

Sherri Shepherd said on national television!!

That the reason HIV/AIDS rates were so high among black women is because they have sex with gay men.

Yes you heard me correctly Sherri Shepherd said the reason why HIV/AIDS rates were so high among black women was because they have sex with gay men.


I thought we were past this blame game, where we created the gay “boogy man” to cover up our own inability to come to terms with our responsibility in our sexual health?

AIDS is caused by the HIV virus not be gay men.

HIV is spread primarily through unprotected sex, that of which a lot of heterosexual women continue to engage in because they think HIV is a gay disease.

When do we start taking responsibility for our own sexual health instead of placing the burden on the other person? What was stopping the many black women who acquire HIV from using a condom with their partners?

It continues to amaze me that Sherri Shepherd has a platform, but I thought we were beyond the JL King brand of HIV awareness.

Keith Boykin said it best,

“All humans cheat, and men of all races creep with women and men. Cheating and lying are both “fatal infections,” whether your partner is creeping with a woman or a man. For black women, the down low has become the classic scapegoat. It’s the reason why HIV is still not their problem even though infections continue to skyrocket among them. By focusing on the DL, they can point their fingers at “those shady, unidentifiable men who are doing it to us,” thus leaving black women disempowered to protect themselves.”

Sherri Shepherd sigh.

To contact ABC and voice your disappointment with Sherri Shepherd here is a link:

Link to the CDC’s report on HIV/AIDS among women:

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  1. Torrison said

    Thank you so much for writing this, I’ve posted it on my facebook hoping that more people find out what she said. It made me so mad today to see that there are still people who actually think this. I’ve contacted ABC and I hope other people will to show that hate speech is unacceptable.

  2. OMG is all I can say right now. I have been watching “The View” for 6 years now, and I do believe in people having opinions but to say something that is completely inaccurate on national television is despicable. I’m a gay man and it angers me when I hear black women blaming HIV/AIDS on gay men. HIV/AIDS does not care what race you are, or what your sexual orientation is. If you have unprotected sex than you are putting yourself in a position where you can contract a STD.

    Sherri, you’re soooo not my friend right now, and I thought you were cool!

  3. kobe yokie said

    she is such a silly bitch!!!if that was the case it would be more gay men with aids

  4. That Dude said

    Sherri didn’t say “Black women are getting HIV by sleeping with gay men.” She said “…men having unprotected sex with men.” This would also include straight men on the DL and bisexuals as well. She even agreed with Tom when he made the point about people contracting HIV through heterosexual sex and unprotected sex. You sir, are jumping the gun and that shit ain’t right.

  5. Brandon Hamilton said

    That woman has some very interesting view points. Clearly it had nothing to do with HIV but her deep religious bias against homosexuality. Maybe these women are contracting HIV from STRAIGHT men who have sex with only women. No one rebukes prostitution that harbors STDs. There is never a connection made between men who cheat on their wives or girlfriends with other women and HIV. This is absolute bullcrap!

  6. Della said


  7. tj said

    My big question is WHY DOES SHE HAVE A PLATFORM! And why would DL Hughley be asked to speak? Why does the media love dumb black people? I can think of a number of people in the news media to host why DL? Why such low standards for black intellect the man is a high school drop out and clearly lacks critical thinking skills. Sherri said the Earth was flat… Why is this allowed? You would never see Spencer Pratt and Jessica Simpson hosting but its okay if these idiots host… where is Star Jones??

  8. Gigi said

    Homophobic? Yes! Surprised that such words come from Sherri Shepherd? Not at all. She’s constantly telling everyone and anyone who will listen how big of a Christian she is…and then there’s the reality of what’s hidden just beneath the surface. Both she and D.L. (is that for “downlow” perhaps?) want to vilify the entire gay community for the high rate of HIV in the black community but neither on want to discuss, or even seem aware of the fact, that it’s not just the closeted gay men who are at fault. People on both sides of the act of sexual congress have a responsibility to ensure that they are protected! And lest we forget, HIV is also transmitted by sharing needles or syringes with someone who is HIV positive. There’s a very eloquent article written about the subject on which can be found here:

    I’m writing to ABC and I hope that you do the same!

  9. She such an ass…no wonder she isn’t married anymore…

  10. Marc said

    I just discovered your blog today due to a Twitter retweet regarding the aforementioned episode and I am appalled. However, I have always maintained D.L. Hughley is a waste of space and Sherri Shepherd is the black version of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Need I say more? Oprah Winfrey has also done her fair share of misrepresenting the facts on HIV/AIDS infection rates and gay/bi black men where the sole blame rests on the guys and leaves the women powerless to really protect and educate themselves, thus instead relying on fear and mistrust.

  11. antiView said

    @TJ Whoopi is also a H.S. dropout btw. Personally I think the entire case isn’t intelligent regardless of their education. Joy Behar has a Masters and Hasselbeck a B.A. that tells me the education system is pretty much a degree mill now. People in entertainment are in entertainment BECAUSE they are not smart.

  12. LOL said

    @ AntiView

    Are college degrees now your barometer to determine intelligence? and President Bush graduated from which Ivy League school again???? and I’m sure Bill Gates has a PH.D from Harvard or Cambridge right? rrrright. Internet trolls never fail to amaze me.

  13. Badilisho said

    You have completed mis-quoted what was said. She made a valid point. There are DL brothers that are helping to increase the rate of HIV infection. That is a known fact, and her commitment to drive the point home may have something to do with the fact that she is an African American woman with friends who have been infected by “so-called” straight men. She did not say “gay” men, she said “DL”. There is a difference. And trust me…very few African American women would purposely and knowingly sleep with a gay male. She speaks from a place of fear, and in this instance, fear is understandable.

    • Keena said

      They don’t care about that. As long as you don’t “demonize” gay men, black women can drop like flies.

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